Bandit With a Badge: Accused Armed Robber Is A Detroit Police Sergeant

Roadside robbery by a law enforcer sounds like a Third World crime, but Detroit Police said it happened here and one of their own is in custody.

While more details are promised at a media briefing Monday, WDIV producer Tim French reports what's known so far:

The Detroit Police SWAT team arrested a Detroit police sergeant, a 20-year veteran of the police force, when he arrived [Saturday] at the 12th precinct on the city's west side. The sergeant is allegedly one of the suspects wanted in an armed robbery of Detroit citizens.

Last weekend, police said two men dressed as officers allegedly pistol-whipped customers pumping gas at the Citgo gas station near I-94 and French Road on Detroit's east side. They took off with the victims' cash and cell phones. 

Detectives were hunting for the second suspect. It's not yet known whether he's also on the force. 

The suspects had police badges, guns and bulletproof vests.

Investigators believe these men may be responsible for another recent robbery in the city, where crooks posing as officers targeted innocent people.

Fox 2 News says the accused sergeant was driving his personal vehicle, a black Ford F-150 with a plug-in blue flasher, during the Citgo crime. Both robbers were white, a gas station clerk told police.

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