Here Is Class-Act Wes Nakagiri Fantasizing About Lt. Gov. Brian Calley And Young Boys

Knowing that the Michigan Republican Party's nominee for lieutenant governor is 2014 is the single most important issue ever to exactly no one, some guy named Wes Nakagiri has bravely announced that he will run for an office that no one has ever really run for in at least a generation. 

Of course, it might be tough to defeat current LG Brain Calley at the Republican state convention which is, in point of fact, still a full year from now. But Nakagiri's supporters have an ace-in-the-hole: Their deep, deep belief hope fantasy that Calley will get caught molesting children. 

In the video below, taken from a recent tea party gathering and posted to YouTube last week, someone asks Nakagiri about a proposed state party rule that would set a May filing deadline to run for the LG nomination. What if, the questioner asks, Calley was "caught doing God knows what with an underaged boy?" This was an absurd, but obviously hypothetical, proposition up until the point where someone else shouts out: Do you know this for a fact? Then everyone, including Nakagiri, laughs because, ha-ha, wouldn't life be so much easier if everyone you disagreed with could be branded as a pederast . . . .just like our Founding Fathers intended?

Most people might consider that situation and think the political advantage would be less important than the tragedy of a child being abused, but most people would also think that Republicans joking about the possibility of a Republican molesting kids probably isn't a great strategy for the Grand Old Party. I mean, do you associate with people you would believe could do that to kids? Me, neither.

But when you're a tea partier who assumes everyone that disagrees with you is a Nazi-Communist-Muslim Terrorist, it's no great stretch to assume your political opponents also rape boys.


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