Video: Anti-Gary Peters Ad Adapts A Familiar Commercial

Inevitably, the familiar look and sound of Pure Michigan ads are adapted for a political attack ad.

A group calling itself Pure PAC, apparently a conservative political action committee, grabs the low-hanging opportunity to tweak Gary Peters -- running to succeed retiring Democratic Sen. Carl Levin -- for supporting President Obama's health insurance reforms and other policies.

"Washington -- it's where you'll find Congressman Gary Peters," an announcer says softly amid soothing music of the type usually played amid Michigan tourism scenes.

The half-minute commercial was released Wednesday afternoon.

"It's where he voted for runaway spending and trillions in new debt," adds the script for the slick half-minute ad posted Wednesday afternoon on YouTube as the first entry there by Pure PAC. Its stark one-page website has no clues about the group. 

Update, 4:30 p.m.: It's a just-created super PAC financed by retired businessman Paul Mitchell,  Chris Gautz reports at Crain's. The new ad begins airing statewide Thursday, and will be on Fox News and CNN for the next 3½ weeks.

In addition to a still image of Peters (right), the commercial shows the Capitol, White House, Lincoln Memorial and Washington Monument as the voice-over says: "Washington, it's where Peters wants to stay as Michigan's next senator."

As a PAC ad, rather than one for a candidate, it doesn't mention any Republican seeking Levin's seat.

Terri Lynn Land, a former secretary of state, has declared her candidacy. Two other potential entrants are Reps. Mike Rogers of the Lansing area, who chairs the House Intelligence Committee, and Justin Amash of Grand Rapids, a protege of Ron Paul.  

One Republican political consultant in Michigan thinks the spot looks and sounds too good, in a backfiring way.

"The ad reminds me of drug ads where they tell you about all horrible possible side effects, but which are completely lost on people because they're paying attention to the warm and fuzzy visuals," Mike Murray of Okemos posts on Facebook. (He's not affiliated with any Senate candidate.)

"I see what they're trying to do . . . but the video and audio don't align. I think for the casual, disinterested viewer, they could register this ad as a PRO-Peters ad."

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