Detroit Cops To Ride Buses Following DDOT Shutdown


Between 100-150 DDOT bus drivers called in sick Monday, forcing the city's transit service to shut down for the day. However, Amalgamated Transit Union Local 26 President Fred Westbrook claims the move wasn't, as initially reported, a coordinated sick-out to protest safety conditions on Detroit buses.

Whether that's true or not, the bus drivers should probably declare victory anyway because Detroit Police Chief James Craig says he'll create a special transit safety unit to patrol buses. 

Detroit News: Craig, whose father was a Detroit bus driver, said at least 10 uniformed officers from the Tactical Services Section will ride Detroit Department of Transportation buses in a few days. Then, in November, more than 1,000 security cameras will be installed that transportation officials say will equal “eight per vehicle.”

Drivers say a 2007-2009 arrangement allowing Wayne County Sheriff's deputies to patrol buses greatly improved safety for riders and drivers, but that program ended when the Detroit Police Officers Association successfully challenged the arrangement.

Bus service is expected to resume Tuesday.

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