'Hey Girl, Brad Ausmus' Knows What The Ladies Like: Sabermetric Baseball Analysis

Hey girl,

We know there hasn't been much sexy in Detroit since Ryan Gosling bought that Metro Airport Cinnabon before flying back to LA. But don't worry, ladies, because new Tigers manager Brad Ausmus is here for fulfill all your baseball needs.

As you've probably heard Ausmus is "too sexy for his jersey," but we know (more importantly, Brad Ausmus knows) the ladies don't just love the new Tigers manager for his body. They love him for his analytical baseball mind.

We're still a few months from spring training, so to help keep your baseball passions stoked we've put together some pictures of Ausmus overlaid with the sexy sabermetric thoughts we all know will be soon bursting from his Dartmouth-trained head. Enjoy them with nice glass of red wine as you keep warm by a roaring fire . . . or hot stove.


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