Bob Seger Is Still Alive

You might think the above headline is superfluous, but it is very much not superfluous because apparently a lot of people think local classic rock archetype Bob Seger died. He did not die. Pete Seeger died. Bob Seger is very much alive. 

See, what happened is really old folk singer Pete Seeger died yesterday at age 94. Cause of death appears to have been being 94. But lots of people confused Pete Seeger (WWII-era folkie from New York City, last name spelled s-e-e-g-e-r) with Bob Seger (baby boomer nostalgia rocker from Detroit, last name spelled s-e-g-e-r) and they were really sad on Twitter about Bob Seger's recent demise. Even though it was Pete Seeger who actually died.

So, as a public service, here is quick guide to which Seeger/Segers are dead and which ones are live.

This is Pete Seeger. He is dead.

This is Bob Seger. He is not dead.

Please make a note of it.

Read more:  Daily Dot

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