Ex-Lover to Big Bob Bashara: Back Off!

April 27, 2012, 8:26 AM

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If you’re a suspect in a murder case, one of the last things you need is for your ex-girlfriend to file a personal protection order. It just doesn’t look good.

Well, Robert Bashera, “suspect” in the murder of his wife Jane, is facing that situation in what has become one of the more compelling who-done-it stories in Metro Detroit.

The Detroit News reports that a Wayne County judge on Thursday approved a personal protection order requested by his ex-girlfriend Rachel Gillet, 51, who claimed to have warned Bashara for weeks to leave her alone.

Gillet’s attorney Doraid Elder said Bashara has repeatedly contacted Gillett by email and letters, phone calls and surprise visits at her home.

"Knowing Bob is a No. 1 suspect in his wife's murder, (Gillett) is petrified. He's not the same individual she thought she knew," Elder said, according to the News. "She is a potential witness if she's called at a trial. If he is leading a double life, they can't prove it without her testimony."

David Griem, Bashara’s attorney, has a different story.

He insists his client has been "avoiding contact" with Gillett, according to the News.
Whatever the case, it’s more bad pr for a guy who has not garnered a lot of public sympathy.

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