Who's Responsible For Mitch McGary's Marijuana Problem? The NCAA Or Mitch McGary?

Mitch McGary isn’t a victim. Anyone who thinks he is should fill up a specimen cup to see what they’ve been smoking.

So writes Drew Sharp in the Free Press, commenting on the report by Yahoo Sports that McGary flunked a NCAA drug test taken during the NCAA tournament. Rather than accepting the one-year suspension mandated by the NCAA, McGary opted to enter the NBA draft, despite missing much of the Wolverines’ season following back surgery.

Sharp writes:

The Michigan center knew the rules. He willingly broke them when he admittedly smoked marijuana following the Wolverines’ regular season. His postseason indiscretion fell underneath the much stricter purview of NCAA punishment for recreational drug use, rather than the more lenient Michigan policy.

Those hellbent on fervently swinging a stick at the NCAA’s inconsistencies and hypocrisies will anoint McGary’s circumstance as yet another reason for gutting the NCAA model in favor something in touch with reality.

But that’s giving McGary a free pass.

He has only himself to blame for his predicament.

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