Dave Bing says City Council created 'side show' over Krystal Crittendon

Detroit Mayor Dave Bing did not meet with City Council after all.

Bing had called a special meeting to request Council remove Krystal Crittendon from her position as corporation counsel. However, after a hectic public comment session in an over-capacity “Committee of the Whole” meeting room, the meeting went into recess.

Reportedly, Bing was called away to an unexpected conference call. The session did not resume.

Instead, Bing held a short briefing with reporters where he accused Council of turning the issue into a “side show.” He said he delivered his comments to Council in writing and would move on.

“I have sent to council the statement I was going to present and I will now return to work and continue implementation of my financial stability plan,” Bing said.

He also noted that his request for Crittendon’s resignation would not result in her losing her job. Resignation effectively would amount to a demotion back to a civil service position within the law department. Crittendon refused to resign and, as even Bing acknowledges, Council showed little interest in removing her.

Dave Bing statement on City Council and Krystal Crittendon

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