Holiday Market in Royal Oak Pushes Back Against Obnoxious Phone Users



The popular Holiday Market in Royal Oak has taken a stand against cell phone talkers at some food counters.  

Signs say: "Please end all cell phone calls before reaching the counter. Thank you."

Cathy Sailler, assistant manager at the deli counter, said the signs went up about a month ago in the store on Main Street, north of I-696.

People talking on their phones didn't hear their number when it was called, she explained. "The person on the cell phone would say 'wait a minute you missed me,'" she said. " They'd get mad. "

She said some people still ignore the signs and talk. But she said fewer are doing so. And she says no one has objected to the sign. 

On the Deadline Detroit Facebook page, we posted a photo of the sign Sunday and the response is overwhelmingly in favor. It has 770 likes and 75 comments.  

Here's a few comments:

  • "It holds up the line when people get to the front and are talking instead of ordering. Good for them." -- Barbara Ingalls
  • "Anyone who has worked behind any counter in the last decade or so will understand." -- Matt Fugate
  • "Yep, I've worked in retail. Most transactions involve some kind of verbal exchange between two people so it would be helpful if the customer could pay attention for about 5 minutes." -- Sue Baldock

Larry David in "Curb Your Enthusiasm" does a great shtick about the public cell phone user. He's at a restaurant sitting next to a guy who is by himself talking loudly on the phone. David starts to have an imaginary phone conversation in which he's loud and annoying.  

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