Steve Utash's Son's Wild Night At Strip Club Raises Questions


It may have been inevitable. 

The Utash family drew nearly daily media attention following the tragic beating of Steve Utash on April 2. Money poured in from donations to pay for his medical bills. Folks extended their hearts. The family became well known.

Now, comes a little distraction in the comeback story of Steve Utash, who was near death, but is now about to be transferred to rehab center.

Fox 2 and other media outlets report that Utash's son Joe has created some unwanted publicity for the family.

He claims a topless dancer stole about $400 from him on Saturday night after a fundraiser for his dad.

Some witnesses at the Coliseum strip joint think he may have spent some of the money from the fundraiser at the The Coliseum strip joint on 8 Mile Road on Detroit's east side, Fox 2's Taryn Asher reports.

A teary eyed Joe Utash said he didn't touch any of the donation money and insisted it was all his.

He told Fox 2 about the dancer: 

"I let her hold onto my money ... she wanted to see that I had the money to pay for the dance," Joe says. So, he says he gave her about $400 which was "his money" that he "worked for."

Asher reports that Joe's family says he doesn't work and he collects unemployment.

Asher reports that Joe told police he started the night out with $1,500 and spent $275 on lap dances and let the dancer hold the rest of the cash. He later told Fox 2 that he exaggerated about the amount of money he had, and said he got his money from his unemployment checks.

"I just went to out blow off steam, and I got robbed. If that [money] was from fundraiser wouldn't have called police," he says.  

He denied allegations by the club that he threatened to blow up the place after he didn't get his money back.

Hank Winchester of WDIV reports that the management at the strip club issued a statement saying:

"Joe Utash was intoxicated and acted as though people should know him. He let it be known that he had just come from a fundraiser and he had money to spend." 

Asher  also reports the family is upset about the whole thing and insists no donated money is missing.

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