Detroiturbex Snaps Photos of Sorry State of the Silverdome


The Pontiac Silverdome was really something at one time.

Now the crumbling stadium looks pretty pathetic. The website Detroiturbex has put together a collection of photos of the demise of the Silverdome.

In 1975, when the Lions first played there, it was the largest stadium in the NFL. That changed in 1997 when the Redskin's Dan Snyder opened up FedEx Field in suburban D.C.

Besides the Lions, the Pistons played there for a while. Frankly, it wasn't ideal for basketball.

It was also a venue for some big name rock bands.

But the Lions moved back to Detroit. And eventually the place closed in 2006.

It reopened  in 2010 for  a Monster Truck event.

In 2013, the roof was permanently deflated.


Interestingly, the stadium cost about $55,.7 million to build. It sold in 2009 for $583,000.  -- Allan Lengel

To see all the photos click here.

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