Terri Lynn Land Believes in 'Personhood' When it Comes to Abortion

Terri Lynn Land

The Washington Post reports that Republican U.S. Senate candidate Terri Lynn Land supports "Personhood."

What, praytell, might that be?

Well, according to Greg Sargent, who pens a liberal-leaning column called the "Plum Line' for the Washington Post, it means she believes that full human rights begins at the moment of fertilization.

It also means, according to the column, that she doesn't believe in abortion even in cases of rape or incest.

Sargent writes: 

Land has received the endorsement of Michigan Right to Life. David Malone, the executive director of the Michigan Right to Life PAC, tells me that no legislative candidate gets this endorsement unless he or she is “pro-life with no exceptions other than the life of the mother,” and unless he or she agrees to a “Human Life Amendment to the U.S.  Constitution, effectively establishing personhood from the moment of  conception.”

Sargent writes that a spokesperson for Land did not reply to a request for clarification of her position. And when questioned by Politico, he writes, Land did not mention rape or incest as exceptions to her opposition to abortion.  -- Allan Lengel

Read more:  Washington Post

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