Arson Capital Of America To Cut Its Arson Squad

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To crackdown on arsonists, you need arson investigators. Fox 2, though, has learned the mayor is signing off on money matters that would cut arson investigators from 15 to nine in a city that leads the nation in deliberately set fires.

Detroit already has so few arson investigators that it can only investigate a relatively small number of the suspicious fires every day.

"We're the only city in the entire country that has to marshal 60,000 people every October to prevent our citizens from burning their own city down," Jon Bozich, the former chief of investigations for Detroit Fire, told Fox 2.

He's asking Mayor Dave Bing how he could cut the number from the Arson Division when fires are out of control.

"Persons responsible for it are never arrested, and then it kind of like grows, when somebody sees a fire in a neighborhood and they see all the excitement that's caused, a lot of people who would normally not be arsonists, and we've seen this time and time again in neighborhoods, would set a fire."

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