Remembering Popular U-M Football Student Manager Who Died After Snorting Adderall

September 05, 2014, 7:23 AM

Julie Buckner doesn’t want to turn her son’s death into a morality tale, Shawn Windsor writes in the Free Press.

Nor does she want him forgotten as another statistic, a college kid who made a bad choice and paid for it with his life.

She simply wants you to know how Josh Levine died. She figures the facts detailing his final hours say plenty.

I’d say she’s right.

Six weeks ago, her son collapsed after snorting ground-up Adderall and chasing it with enough alcohol to stop his heart.

Adderall, if you don’t know, is a prescription drug used to combat attention deficit disorder. Yet among college students, it’s prized for so much more, notably its euphoric high, speed-like jolt and, most deviously, its ability to trick the body during alcohol consumption, so that you can binge, and then binge some more.

It’s a popular strategy within college life these days, one Josh learned at the University of Michigan, where he worked as student manager of the football team. Sadly, he could have learned it on almost any campus.

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