Throwback Thursday Video: Parade Like It's 1962 Again

November 26, 2014, 4:10 PM

The above throwback to the era of Hudson's, Mayor Jerry Cavanagh and President Kennedy a half-century ago is shared as a nostalgic mood-setter for the tradition that continues this morning with our city's 88th Thanksgiving Parade down Woodward -- or must we call it the M-1 Rail route now?

Spirit of Detroit float. (Photo by the Parade Company)

Here's a viewing guide for this year's version:

When: 8:50 a.m.

 Route: Woodward from Warren Avenue  to Congress Street.

♦ Sidewalk viewing (standing): East side of Woodward from Putnam to Warren and Winder to Momntcalm; west side of Woodward between Alexandrine and Watson. No viewing on I-75 overpass.: 

Grand marshals: Olympic ice dancers Charlie White of Ann Arbor and Meryl Davis of West Bloomfield lead the parade.

 People Mover: Free all day at any station.

♦ Breakfast along route: Union Street, 4145 Woodward; Addison Eatery, 3111 Woodward; Hudson Cafe,1241 Woodward; Fountain Bistro, 800 Woodward (Campus Martius); Grand Trunk Pub, 612 Woodward. "If you’re lucky enough to score a table by the window, you won’t even have to step outside to see all the action," Kat Rembacki writes at Core Detroit, where she gives menu details and hours.  

♦ Forecast: 20-35 degrees, partly sunny, 20% chance of light snow.

 Watch from home: WDIV

National attention: One of the nation's Top 5 Thanksgiving parades, says the Travel Channel.  

-- Alan Stamm


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