Another Sad Tale of Scrappers in Detroit

December 04, 2014, 6:10 AM

Scrappers have struck again, like they have so many times before around the city of Detroit.

This time it involves the abandoned 6th Detroit police precinct on McGraw that Ed Steele purchased from the city to convert into a secure data center, Fox 2's Erika Erickson reports.

Fox 2 reports that scrappers broke into the building Monday morning and stole about $15,000 worth of  expensive stainless steel sinks, air compressors and other items purchased from the Pontiac Silverdome auction. The thieves also took off with expensive locks, chains, saws and hammer drills and a generator.

"We've been working in here, cleaning up, straightening up for the last five or six months with no trouble," Steele told Fox 2. "Now this."

He doesn't plan on giving up, but he certainly is frustrated with the setback.  He figures the scrappers will get a couple hundred bucks for the scrap metal.

"A couple hundred bucks for $15,000 for years of labor and vision," Steele said.

Steele bought the building a year ago and began cleaning it up in April, Fox 2 reports.

"We were going to use a historic building with 22-inch walls to put data centers, servers, into the jail cells," Steele said. "It's called"


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