Delusional? Discipline Hearing Begins for Suspended Detroit Judge Brenda Sanders

December 09, 2014, 5:54 AM

Judge Brenda Sanders

The sad disciplinary hearings for suspended Detroit 36th District Judge Brenda Sanders began Monday in Pontiac. She's accused of judicial misconduct and of being delusional.

Oralandar Brand-Williams of the Detroit News reports that former 36th District Chief Judge Kenneth King testified that he became concerned that she had a backlog of 400 cases on her civil court docket in 2012, and he offered to help her clean it up. He transferred her to the criminal division of the court.

She accused him of setting her up to fail, King testified.

“I felt she was extremely paranoid regarding everyone ... anyone,” King testified, according to the News.

Also, on Monday a repossession specialist Edward Welch testified that Sanders became belligerent when he went to a family property in South Carolina to repossess her Lexus last month, the Detroit News wrote.

Welch testified that Sanders used a racial epithet against him and accused him of being Ku Klux Klan member, the News reported.

The News reports that the Judicial Tenure Commission has accused her of suffering "psychotic delusions” and of fraudulently receiving medical leave from her $138,000-a-year position. She is currently suspended without pay.

The News also wrote:

On Monday, several witnesses were asked whether Sanders was hampered from walking and used a wheelchair or a cane for assistance because of her arthritic knees. None testified that she had any difficulties walking.

In earlier testimony Monday, an orthopedic physician, Dr. Stephen Mendelson, who testified about Sanders’ medical condition, said the judge had arthritis in her knees and appeared unstable to him.

Asked at Monday’s hearing by the commission examiner if he would tell her to lose weight before he could perform surgery on her, Mendelson responded: “No, I would tell her to see a psychiatrist.”

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