James Burdick: My Visit to Costco in Bloomfield Hills and the Gun-Toting Twerp

June 14, 2015, 9:00 PM

James Burdick,  a former Wayne County prosecutor, is a criminal defense attorney who also handles health care cases at Burdick Law, P.C. in Bloomfield Hills. This is reposted from Facebook with permission.

James Burdick

By James Burdick

So, I'm at Costco yesterday, deep in the Bloomfield Hills ghetto where everyone knows how dangerous a place it is. Uh. And I see this kid -- maybe 25, wandering through like other shoppers. Except he had a shoulder holster and a small automatic pistol in open view.

My first instinct is to ask if he's expecting trouble. But he stares at me so innocently and so clearly frightened at his own silliness, all I could think was, the first bad ass who jumps up in his grill is going to take that gun away from him and shove it up his ass before firing it off.

I believe he's never seen a tough guy close up, or a drunk or a tough guy drunk on liquor or pcp. So I know he has no idea what he's doing, but that he also probably has a very tiny wee-wee, which explains the gun.

But I'm also thinking, he's actually making MY Costco's dangerous for no goddamned good reason, since I just can see he's not trained in law enforcement or military use of weapons. And while I don't care if he gets himself killed, I do care if he gets some totally innocent person killed because he wants to feel like a big man.

So shame, shame on the cowardly politicians who rained this insanity upon us for no reason other than to do the bidding of the gun manufacturers masquerading as "second amendment" zealots.

Since anyone with a brain can read the word "militia" right there in the Second Amendment and know it's not about this little twerp having the right to take a fucking pistol into Costco!

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