Gov. Snyder Works to Get More Syrian Refugees in Michigan

September 30, 2015, 7:19 AM

Gov. Rick Snyder

Michigan, which took in about 4,000 war refugees from the Middle East last year, is looking to take more.

Gov. Rick Snyder said Tuesday that his administration is talking to the feds about resettling refugees from war-torn Syria, Chad Livengood of The Detroit News reports.

“We’re having a good discussion with the federal government, understanding their process,” Snyder says.  “What we want to do is to make sure if there’s an opportunity to help, we can be proactive on this. So we are exploring that.”

Refugees have been coming from the Middle East countries of Syria, Iraq and other regions controlled by Islamic State militants.

Granting political asylum poses challenges. “It can take 18 to 24 months of review on someone’s background,” Snyder tells reporters.

The federal government limits Michigan to accepting 4,200 refugees per year, The News notes. 


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