Floral Designer to Turn Vacant, Dilapidated Hamtramck Structure Into 'Flower House'

October 07, 2015, 7:04 AM

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Last fall, Lisa Waud, a floral designer, bought an abandoned, dilapidated house on the I-75 service drive in Hamtramck for $250.

Later this month, Waud and a team of floral designers from southeast Michigan and the country will begin to transform the home into a house of flowers, called Flower House, writes Maureen Feighan of the Detroit News.

The News goes on to write:

Thirty-seven designers will divvy up 17 different rooms and, using a lot of water tubes and chicken wire, they’ll cover walls, ceilings and cabinets with plants, flowers, herbs, and foliage. Flower House opens to the public for tours Oct. 16 for three days only. The house will later be torn down and the lot turned into an urban flower garden for Waud’s business.

“I think there’s a little bit in this story for everyone,” says Waud, the Flower House creator who owns the pot & box flower shop in Hamtramck. “It’s flowers, it’s art, it’s an abandoned building in Detroit, it’s deconstruction, it’s a flower farm.”

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