Meijer Reacts to Critics; Stops Selling 'Detroit vs Everybody' Knockoffs

October 26, 2015, 7:41 AM

Meijer had been selling knockoffs of the original, popular shirt "Detroit vs. Everybody." The Meijer shirt, which was bought from a vendor, said "Detroit vs. Everyone," MLive reports.

But the Michigan-based chain has responded to criticism on social media and decided to stop selling the shirt, according to Gus Burns of MLive. 

"You sell licensed MSU, U of M, Tigers, Red Wings, Disney gear, etc., but just steal the work of a local artist," Facebook user Ebonee West says.

Meijer replies:

Thanks for the feedback -- and you're right. Even if the company we purchased this shirt from hasn't violated copyright laws, it's a little too close for comfort so we're pulling these shirts from our two Detroit stores that carry them.

Meijer's response draws positive comments.

"This is a class act," wrote Facebook user Amber Carter. "Good job Meijer."

"Detroit vs. Everybody" is a clothing line founded by Detroit native Tommey Walker.

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