Grosse Pointe's 'City Bark' Pet Product Shop Opening in Detroit

September 30, 2016, 11:05 AM by  Allan Lengel

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City Bark, a Grosse Pointe shop which describes itself as a "unique, one-of-a-kind pet product retailer," and offers home delivery of pet food, plans to open a store at The Albert, 1214 Griswold, in Capitol Park in downtown Detroit.  

The 1,250-square-foot shop plans to expand its product line to "fit the pet supply needs of the immediate community," a press release said. The Detroit store, like the Grosse Pointe one, will also offer home delivery of pet food. 

“Our mission is to offer products and services that make owning a pet more convenient and enjoyable,” said Jamie Judson, co-founder of City Bark. “The Albert is a natural fit for our new location because it allows us to bring our knowledge to a new market, while promoting other local businesses and organizations throughout the city.”

The company site talks about its mission:

City Bark opened in October of 2014 with the intention of bringing unique, one-of-a-kind pet products to the Grosse Pointe community. After attending our first industry trade show, we realized that there were hundreds of companies focused on pets, but very few focused on pet owners. That’s when the idea came to us: if pets are such an important part of our lives, why not make owning a pet a little bit easier?

And so it began, the search for products that could make the lives of pet owner’s more convenient. With convenience and ease comes time for you and your pet to enjoy each other; after all, that enjoyment is the reason you have a pet in the first place.

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