El Guapo, Detroit's First Licensed Food Truck, Is Sold

October 25, 2016, 11:38 PM by  Allan Lengel

El Guapo, which sells "fresh Mexican" food and boasts of being the "first licensed and accepted Detroit food truck in the city’s history," is changing hands.

The truck is often seen at Campus Martius and Eastern Market, and is regarded as one of the more popular local restaurants on wheels.  

Dan Gearig, founder of El Guapo, posts Tuesday on Facebook:

Guapo friends and fam. We wanted to let you all know we’ve sold to our dear friends and also Mac Shack owners Bryan Sutton and Ben Beazley. Two of the hardest-working, loyal, fun gentlemen we’ve ever had the opportunity to hang with, and also mentor. We’re so excited to watch them grow and continue to do good things for food trucks and our food community.

We wanted to also thank you, our fans, customers and clients from the bottom of our hearts for the support, love, patience, energy and enthusiasm you’ve given to us in our journey, figuring this food truck thing out. You have been incredibly loyal to us. I've lost so many nights of sleep wondering if you will show up the next day because of whatever slip, oversight or misstep we may have had. You came back. Thank you for always showing love, I hope we reciprocated at least as much.

Thanks to all the crew who made it on our trucks for more than a few weeks. Its tough. Doing hundreds of covers a shift off a little truck is real.. Thank you for working those incredibly tough, consecutive 18-20 hour days for months on end. I'm sorry If I ever treated you as a machine instead of a person. I fell short at times. I hope you took the best parts of my evolving management style and forgive me if I didn’t show the appreciation that was due. You guys are all hardcore and have my respect…but maybe more importantly, my gratitude.

Thank you to our partners Anthony and David who always picked up the phone and smoothed out the wrinkles when we needed it. We pulled through some stuff together and happy to call you friends.

I most of all want to thank my wife Lindsay. Thank you so much for being the glue that has held our business tight for all these years. To think we could do this without you is a literal joke. You kept the ship right. You put up with all of me, all parts, all the many colorful flavors. Im sorry for getting you drunk and convincing you to bail on corporate, but so glad you did. Im so incredibly lucky to have you as a partner in biz and in life.

Now, I toss Ben and Bryan the keys. We love you and good luck, guys…call me if you need a jump.

Thank you, thank you , thank you, Detroit. -- Dan

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