Video: Detroit Supermarket Sells Food with 2015 Expiration Dates, WDIV Finds

February 02, 2018, 8:41 AM

Disgraceful. The Kit Kat Grocery store on Harper near Van Dyke on Detroit's east side, which has a history of health code violations, sells packaged food with expiration dates as far back as 2015, Hank Winchester of WDIV discovers.

Winchester of "Help Me Hank," a consumer advocate feature on WDIV,  finds Sister Schubert rolls that expired in April 2015, Jimmy Dean sausage with a use-by date of September 2016 and bologna that expired on Aug. 29, 2017. The hamburger meat had freezer burns. A box of Betty Crocker potatoes was sealed with Scotch tape and had a best if used by date of November 2017

Winchester was tipped off by a customer, and says state inspectors will follow up. The owner vows to remove outdated products, adds the reporter.

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