The Violent Google Image of Detroit That Won't Go Away

September 20, 2012, 6:17 PM

The strange photo history of the House on Brinker got even stranger this week.

The photo, from Google Earth, shows a group of young men on the porch of a house on Brinker Street. One of the men has a long gun, and appears to point it at the Google car as it passes down the street. 

That would be strange enough. But the house appears to be the one in which the body of 19-month-old Ziya Turner was discovered June 29.

The house was repeatedly shown on TV news at the time, and, almost immediately, someone with the screen name of "Packman41" noticed the connection to the Google Earth gun image and posted the photo on DetroitYES!, the popular community forum. That was perhaps the first time the photo and the connection to the death of Ziya received widespread exposure.

Then, July 2, Deadline Detroit ran the photo and linked to the DetroitYES! discussion thread July 2. The item remained on Deadline Detroit for a couple of days, then was taken down.

On Wednesday, someone posted the link to Deadline Detroit on Reddit. Before long, other web sites, including the Drudge Report and Jalopnik, had linked to Google Earth, and the photo went viral.

For a Detroit News story on the image going viral, click here.

For the DetroitYES! thread, click here

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