New Update: LA Muralist's 'Good Luck' Wall at Downtown Synagogue Is Done

May 03, 2018, 10:52 AM by  Allan Lengel

"I have a feeling this will be my new favorite mural, and it's right outside my window," Brittany Bogus posts Tuesday with her Instagram.

As you enjoy sunshine and warmth this week, imagine what it's like to stand aloft on a hydraulic lift downtown to brighten a building with mural-size artwork.

"Great day in this beautiful city," posts Bunnie Reiss, a West Coast artist commissioned to decorates the Isaac Agree Downtown Synagogue. She welcomes spectators, posting this with four Instagrams of his work so far:

"Meet me on the back side of 1457 Griswold Street this week to watch the progress of this big beauty!"

"It will forever be hard for me to capture this in pics because of the size," the California muralist says.

On Tuesday morning, Reiss proclaims: "It's coming along beautifully and I’m having the best time."

Three other scenes of the Los Angeles painter's  bold street art are below.

Original article, Monday afternoon:

Work for a new mural has begun on the colorful Isaac Agree Downtown Synagogue on Griswold in Detroit.

Executive Director Arlene Frank tells Deadline Detroit via email:

The Downtown Synagogue embarks on another exciting building project, following the autumn installation of a new fire escape and a new roof. Creativity is the hallmark of this project, as, beginning today, a mural is being painted on the back wall of our historic building, adding to the many striking murals that now grace Detroit.

We have engaged  Bunnie Reiss, a nationally renowned mural artist, who travels extensively creating vibrant murals that connect with people and bring art into communities.

Bunnie Reiss: "My symbols . . . are heavily influenced by the subtle images I saw throughout my childhood."

The Los Angeles artist is quoted in the email:

"I was exposed to a huge sense of community and gathering growing up in a large family, and my style is heavily influenced by the tradition of folk art from my Eastern European ancestors. My symbols, magic, colors, etc are heavily influenced by the subtle images I saw throughout my childhood.

"I thought of this often when working on the initial design for the mural, and decided to embellish the side of the building with magic symbols that will bring happiness, good luck, compassion and kindness. I wanted to honor the architecture of this very old and beautiful building, and keep jeweled-toned imagery isolated and floating.

"The curves and design of the building will be enhanced, and the mural will work in harmony with the stained-glass windows and other original architecture." 

As the work progresses, Reiss posts these images on Instagram:

On Wednesday, Reiss shares this 80-foot-high perspective from his painting platform.

Parts of two eye-grabbing murals are visible from this angle, with a 2017 work by Charles McGee titled "Unity" in the background. His 118-foot-by-50-foot creation is on 28 W. Grand in Capitol Park.


Detroit looks like this -- a city with world-class architecture and street art.

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