'We’ve Made Progress Slow and Steady' -- Packard Plant Owner

August 26, 2018, 9:12 AM

Fernando Palazuelo (Photo from Packard Plant project)

For decades, the idea that anything wouild become of the decaying Packard Plant on Detroit's east side seemed unlikely. But these days, possibilities abound.

On Saturday, developers of the monstrous plant celebrated the progress of cleaning up the four-story administration building at a private party, reports Sarah Rahal of The Detroit News.

Owner and developer Fernando Palazuelo  touted the progress in the last year, having ripped up the floor, cleared asbestos and saved historical contents from the former auto plant administration building at 1580 East Grand Blvd, the News reports. The site is expected to eventually include mixed-use development with office and commercial space, restaurants and a gallery/event space.

The first phase broke ground in May 2017, which included revitalizing the administration building and a nearby building.

“We’ve made progress slow and steady,” said Palazuelo, 63. “Floors are completely cleared up and within the next few weeks we will begin working on the facade.”

He's bringing experts from Peru to teach a local team on how to restore the facade, as well as the large Packard Plant doors and sign.


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