Gallery: Under a Relentless Sun, Labor Marches Proudly in Detroit

September 03, 2018, 12:51 PM by  Allan Lengel

On an 80-degree day, under a relentless sun, union members marched in downtown Detroit on Monday, as they've done every year to celebrate Labor Day. 

There were workers of all sorts from auto plants, along with carpentars, musicians, teachers, health care workers, postal workers, pipefitters, bus drivers, truckers and firefirefighters.  

The march comes just days after new Gallup Poll results show union approval is the highest it has been among the American people in 15 years, at  62 percent.

It also comes as the UAW, one of the more progressive and respected unions, has been tarnished by federal indictments involving former officials who took bribes from Chrysler executives.

Still,  UAW members who came en masse for the parade, stood tall as they marched along Michigan Avenue. A couple members I spoke to said they're still proud of the union and haven't lost faith despite the corruption at high levels.

As is always the case, Democratic politicians showed up -- including gubernatorial candidate Gretchen Whitmer and running mate Garlin Gilchrist II, Sen. Debbie Stabenow and attorney general candidate Dana Nessel. 

Women in labor representing.

Gubernatorial candidate Gretchen Whitmer worked the crowd.

Along for the ride.

Workers from the Trenton Engine Plant.

No Fake News! Detroit Newspaper Guild.

No shortage of flags.

Not everyone walked.

Kids made their presence known.

Politics has always been part of the event.

Attorney General candidate Dana Nessel marched.

Never too young to walk the walk.

Bill Schuette was not there, but he was not forgotten.

What would a parde be without a high school band?
Gretchen Whitmer made her presence known at Cobo Center.

Think pink.

Many UAW locals were present.

One job is enough.

The future of labor.

River Rouge High School Band.


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