A Sad-Trombone Debut for Matt Patricia's Detroit Lions

September 11, 2018, 7:39 AM

Matt Patricia

Remember how Matt Patricia was going to be It, the Thing, the Turning Point, the Missing Piece? Remember how he was going to bring his Patriots fairy dust with him to Detroit, sprinkle it over the cursed Lions, and lo, things would be different from here on out? 

Remember that? Some of us do. 

Monday night's humiliating 48-17 loss to the Jets inspired Chris Thomas at the Freep to compile a list of "worst coaching debuts" for Detroit's worst pro sports franchise, and to give Patricia a seat at the head of that table. 

His colleague Mitch Albom kicked off with the usual word salad, but got to the point pretty quickly:

The cool autumnal weather may have said “football,” but the performance said “Detroit Lions football,” and anyone who has watched this team for decades knows what that means. Amongst other things, it means opportunities blown, weaker opponents elevated, unknown players making names for themselves at Detroit's expense, mistakes, more mistakes, and a long drive home at the end of the night.

Yeah, it wasn't a good night for the New Hope. The Lions curse may be more powerful than even Patriots fairy dust. 

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