Gallery: Sushi Donuts, Sushi Burritos, Sushi Pizza and More Are Coming to Detroit

October 16, 2018, 8:32 PM

These look and sound like food fantasies, but have been a reality in Atlanta for two years.

Now an award-earning restaurant there will bring sushi resembling pizza, donuts, corn dogs, sandwich triangles, burritos, nachos and even waffle cones to Detroit.

Sushi donuts are $5 each. Varieties include crab, spicy tuna tempura, furikake, tuna and salmon.

"The Poke Burri empire is growing. More new cities announcing soon," says a recent Instagram post from founders Seven Chan and Ken Yu, first-time restaurant owners who carve a clever, creative niche by cross-breeding species not usually seen on the same menu line.

After branching into Raleigh, N.C., last spring, they're scouting locations and franchise partners here and in Boston, Tampa and Denver.

Instagram-trailored crossover cuisine creations are tasty as well as eye-grabbing, online reviews say. Sushi donuts are "beautifully made and delicious," Dana O. of Atlanta posts last month at Yelp. In another review, Jacqueline Z. of Cary, N.C., says: "I don't generally love corndog that much, but omg this sushi corndog was da bomb."

No word yet about where or when we can try 'em here. Co-owner Chan "confirms to Eater that it recently signed a Michigan franchisee and is seeking space to open a restaurant in Detroit," writes Eater Detroit contributor Serena Maria Daniels. 

While we wait, here's a partial menu and temptations below from the Georgia and North Carolina sites, via the company's Instagram page (where #forkyeah is a tag) and from patrons on Yelp.

-- Alan Stamm

"Boxes of chocolates are so overdone. Think of gifting your special people a box of sushi donuts instead," Poke Burri suggests.

Poke cones are another creative crossover choice.

Alternatives to traditional Detroit-style pizza slices: Nori traingles, topped with fish, scallions, cucumber and spicy mayo.

Sushi "tea sandwiches" are another Gram-ready innovation.

A fried, meatless "corn dog" that you haven't seen before.

More donuts, but not fresh from the oven.

Different styles for different smiles.



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