Let's play, Detroit: 'The Beach' ball pit to open in March

February 21, 2019, 6:38 AM

Because there's no point in American life considered "adulthood" anymore, because video games are for everyone, because fun and play and silliness are prized above sobriety and work and seriousness, because we live in a crazy time that is driving us all ditto, and also -- also! -- because it looks pretty awesome, Detroit is getting a big ball pit to play in this spring. 

Dude. (Photo: Snarkitecture website, by Noah Kalina)

Called "the Beach," that's basically what it is, but let's let the hoity-toity language of the website suffice:

(The Beach is) an interactive installation that reimagines the familiar natural and cultural elements of a day at the beach, to create an unexpected and memorable experience for people of all ages. Visitors ascend a ramp before entering an all-white enclosure, where the floor descends towards the highlight of the experience – an ocean of over one million recyclable, antimicrobial plastic balls.

A product of the New York collaborative design practice Snarkitecture (and no, not exactly sure what a collaborative design practice is, just quoting from the website there), the Beach will occupy space in the 1001 Woodward building now hosting the Rainbow City Roller Rink, another thing Don Draper or your dad wouldn't have been caught dead in. The installation will run from March 1 through April 14 and is sponsored by the Library Street Collective, The Detroit News reports.

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