Ex-MSU Student Surfaces to Discuss Alleged Gang Rape by 3 Basketball Players

April 12, 2019, 7:25 AM

Bailey Kowalski doesn't "want others to feel as isolated and distraught as I was."

Bailey Kowalski, an ex-Michigan State University student, says she was raped four years ago by three Michigan State University basketball players while she was a freshman. 

She sued last year, identifying herself only as "Jane Doe." She alleged she was urged by a school official to reconsider taking action because she would be "swimming with some pretty big fish," ABC News reports.

On Thursday, she came forward at a press conference to identify herself and tell her story, a day after being identified in a New York Times interview by Marc Tracy. 

Kowalski she wants to set an example for other rape survivors, who she hopes "can come forward and they can find strength encouragement and a friend. I don't want others to feel as isolated and distraught as I was."

► Video excerpt of press conference


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