Bright Idea . . . or Too Bright? MSU's New Alternate Football Uniforms Light Up Critics

April 13, 2019, 3:09 PM

MSU can't catch a break lately, whether the topic is serious or involves sports.

Fresh fury erupts over neon green alternate football jerseys, pants and helmets, which bring to mind Day-Glo concert posters, lime wine coolers and construction safety vests.

Online howls about the Nike garb include the words "garish," "gross," "putrid," "hideous," "atrocious" and "shit."

Calm-down balance comes Saturday from blogger Matt Lombardi, co-founder of an independent national sports blog called The Spun

As a reminder, they are alternates – so the Spartans will likely only wear them once or twice this season. It’s unclear which game they plan on wearing them for.

A sampling of reactions to a color not found in nature:

♦ Is there a way to make MSU football more unwatchable? Why yes, yes there is. -- Adam Burke

♦ These are so bad, Michigan State should be put on probation. -- Curtis (@Curtos07)

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