Ex-Tigers GM Dave Dombrowski: 'It's Amazing That Club Never Won a Championship' When I was There

April 25, 2019, 2:17 PM

Dave Dombrowski (Photo: Arturo Pardavila III)

Ex-Tigers General Manager Dave Dombrowksi, 62, who now runs the Boston Red Sox, tells Chris McCosky of The Detroit News that he's surprised Detroit never won a championship when he was there from 2002-15.  

"​​​​​Just think back to those Tigers teams. It’s amazing that club never won a championship. As good as that talent was. As good as that club was year in and year out. You kind of shake your head and say you really can’t believe that we weren’t able to do that. . . .

"You do everything you can to put together a good club. And we got to the World Series a couple of times and you could make the argument that both of those clubs were favorites.

"Now I am here and I’m part of this [Boston] organization and ironically, I’ve seen the David Ortiz clip, I mean it has to be about a thousand times since I’ve been here. And out talking to people from here, and they are sincere, they say, ‘We can’t believe we beat you guys.’"

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