Gallery: It's Tulip Time in Holland, Mich.

May 06, 2019, 2:34 PM by  Michael Lucido

For the past 90 years, people from all around the world have come to Holland, Mich. to see the beatiful Tulips spread throughout the city. The nine-day long festival, known as "Tulip Time," draws about 500,000 people, who travel through the town to see over 5 million tulips in bloom. 

The city boasts of hosting the best flower festival in the nation, and prides itself on bringing culture and community together. Deadline Detroit photojournalist Michael Lucido took a trip to the west side of Michigan to capture the beauty of it all .

Tulip Time Festival runs from May 4th-May 12th. For more information visit

Photo Credit: Michael Lucido

A vintage music box. 

Workers dressed in traditional Dutch outfits.

Photo Credit: Michael Lucido

Photo Credit: Michael Lucido

A beautiful mosaic sculpture using shards of dutch pottery.

Visitors making their way to the windmill.

Rows and rows of beautiful tulips.

Photo Credit: Michael Lucido

Photo Credit: Michael Lucido (My favorite photo of the gallery)

Artists making pottery on site.

Blacksmith engraving initials on an item.

A young man enjoying dead things such as skulls and pelts.

Native American installation. Would be fun to camp in an authentic Tipi like this!

Everyone enjoying the sun and taking memorable photos.




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