Female Inmates Sue Wayne County Jail Over Alleged Strip Searches in Front Of Men

May 15, 2019, 3:11 PM

Wayne County Sheriff Benny Napoleon

Running the Wayne County Jail is no easy task. Now Sheriff Benny Napoleon has a new headache.

Three female inmates are suing the jail and its officials, alleging they were forced to strip naked in front of male guards, officers, other jail employees and male inmates during body searches, Oralandar Brand-Williams of The Detroit News reports.

Jordan Sepulveda, Krista Anson and Nicole Thomas, who have been at the lockup in the past five months, said they were subjected to strip searches that were "unreasonable, unlawful and unconstitutional."

The women's attorney, Michael Dezsi of Detroit, also contends "hundreds" of women held at the jail were forced to to strip naked in common areas in view of male officers and other inmates.

"During such strip searches, (Sepulveda, Anson and Thomas) and hundreds of other female inmates, were forced to bend over . . . under the pretense of searching for contraband," the lawyer alleges. 

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