Cheers! Dearborn Heights school board suspends superintendent for the crime of champagne

May 16, 2019, 8:59 AM

So this is what zero tolerance looks like. 

Jennifer Mast, champagne-toaster (Photo: WXYZ screen cap)

Dearborn Heights District 7 Superintendent Jennifer Mast raised a glass almost a year ago at a retirement party, toasting departing colleagues. But the glass contained champagne, and so the school board hit her with a five-day, unpaid suspension from her job. 

WXYZ Detroit reports:

"It's kind of a tough pill to swallow," Mast said. "We have progressive discipline in the school system and everybody follows progressive discipline, and progressive discipline doesn’t start with a five-day unpaid suspension."

Parents say the way Mast has been treated by the board and her suspension is excessive.

"I’ve seen many people suspended or reprimanded but it’s never been this drastic for a first offense," said Joshua Ely, who supports Mast.

No students were at the party, and it was a "controlled environment," the report says. But no means no means no, so the supe had to go -- for five days, anyway. 

Mast believes she was dimed out by a disgruntled underling. The district had no comment. 

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