Dan Gilbert update from Mackinac: 'Doing as well as he can'

May 29, 2019, 2:32 PM

Bill Emerson, a top executive of three Dan Gilbert companies, told a Mackinac Policy Conference audience Wednesday that he saw the 57-year-old stroke patient at Beaumont Hospital before coming to the island. "He knew I was there. He knew what I was talking about."

Bill Emerson: "He is responsive."  (Photo: Twitter)

The Free Press reports:

"We’re literally 72 hours from him having a stroke," Emerson told the audience at the Grand Hotel. "He is awake, he is responsive. I saw him with my own eyes on Monday around noon. I talked with him. He knew I was there. He knew what I was talking about. I think this soon after that, he’s doing as well as he can be doing."

Emerson, now CEO of Gilbert's Bedrock real estate arm and vice chairman of Quicken Loans and Rock Holdings, continued: "There’s two things I know about Dan. One is, he is one tough human being and he will come back as fast and as strong as anybody can in this particular situation."

The rest of Emerson's speech was a tribute to Bedrock and other Gilbert-controlled businesses. "We have years of work to do," he told the crowd.

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