Coney Customers Get Angry Over No Fried Mushrooms, Shoot Bystander Waiting for Cheeseburger

June 19, 2019, 11:11 PM

Late at night in Detroit, there's always the possibility of trouble breaking out at a Coney Island or gas station.

In this case, three customers -- two men and a woman --  became irate early Wednesday around 2:30 a.m. when the Nicky D's Coney on 7 Mile Road and Greenfield didn't have fried mushrooms on the menu, Fox 2 reports.

"'What type of [expletive] Coney don't sell fried mushrooms?' That's exactly what they said to us," one employee told Fox 2. The three angry people left.

About 20 minutes later the employee says the two men returned and started hitting customers with a nightstick. Then one of the suspects wounded a regular customer by shooting him in the jaw. That customer was waiting for his cheeseburger. (The woman stayed in the car.)

"The guy didn't do nothing. He comes here every day, he don't do nothing to nobody, say nothing. He just orders a cheeseburger plain and leaves [sic]," the employee said.

Employees remained behind the bulletproof glass and were not harmed. No arrests have been made. 

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