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These Dumplings, a Street Food Thing in Nepal, Are Served Now at Detroit Shipping Company

June 22, 2019, 3:49 PM

Servings from the newcomer at Detroit Shipping Company on Peterboro Street. (Photos: Instagram, Momo Cha)

So now we can get authentic Nepalese dumplings without going 7,500 miles to Kathmandu. Is this a great city or what?

The delicacies described as "hometyle" are at Momo Cha, which rolled up its steel shutter Friday in the Detroit Shipping Co., a Midtown food court at 474 Peterboro St. 

Dumplings called momo are stuffed with ground chicken or ground pork or vegetables and marinated tofu, seasoned with masala spices and served with a choice of three chutneys.

Each order can be steamed, pan-fried or deep-fried. They come in dishes of four ($5, or $4.50 meatless) or eight ($9, or $8). The menu is here.

Nepal's most popular snack.

"Momos are Nepal's #1 favorite snack food," chef Anjani Lama and co-owner Louisa Ainsworth post at their site.

We make everything from scratch using whatever locally sourced and in-season food we can, just like if you were invited for a momo party in our home.

Our mission is to serve the city of Detroit authentic Nepalese food in a hip, locally conscious and accessible way. We are inviting our city to experience communal family dishes that honor the spirit of Kathmandu.

The stand also offers three side dishes ($5 to $8) and a pair of meal-size plates:

  • Dal bhat (partial portion below left): Lentils, rice, curry, pickles and local vegetables in a vegan curry sauce ($10) or meat curry ($12).
  • Sekuwa (below right) Two grilled skewers of marinated chicken breast, seasoned with ginger-garlic and masalas and served with veggies and crunchy rice ($11).

Dal bhat (partial serving at left), dumplings and cutneys, single skewer of Sekuwa (right).

Hat tip to Tom Perkins, who posted this news first at Metro Times.

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