Dan Gilbert 'speaking clearly,' getting 'stamina back'

June 28, 2019, 7:19 AM

Dan Gilbert (Photo: Facebook, Cleveland Cavaliers)

Bedrock's vice chairman offered a detailed update on Dan Gilbert's condition on the grounds of the Detroit Golf Club yesterday, with the PGA tournament Gilbert helped bring to the city underway.

Gilbert suffered a serious stroke a month ago and was last week transferred from the hospital to an intensive rehab facility in Chicago.

Bedrock's Bill Emerson says the top exec is improving, The Detroit News reports:

“His speech when I talked to him was clear,” Emerson said. “He’s fatigued because of the situation that he’s in. He’s dealing with getting his stamina back, and his energy back, and the physical aspects of the stroke.

“Given what’s happened, he’s in good shape. We were laughing and talking. He’s obviously working on a lot of the physical stuff. But the Dan Gilbert that we all know, the wit, the humor, the sarcasm, is still there. When I was talking to him he was actually quoting baseball stats from 1970.”

Meanwhile, Emerson says it's business as usual at Gilbert's downtown business empire. His companies operate under various CEOs and decisions once made by Gilbert now go to a group of top executives.

“Maybe people think that Dan has been involved in these businesses day-to-day. That’s simply not the case. There’s too much going on for him to be able to do that.”

When major decisions must be made, such as raising capital or making large expenditures, Emerson, Farner and Matt Rizik, the company’s chief tax officer and manager of Gilbert’s family office, make them.

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