Metro Detroit Couple Sues for $1 Million-Plus for Deaths of Famous Cats and Property Loss

July 17, 2019, 3:01 PM by  Allan Lengel


You might recall that the media went all out to write about William and Lauren Powers of Farmington Hills, who owned two Guinness World Records-holding cats.

Arcturus Aldebaran was the tallest domestic cat. (Photo: Facebook)

Well, the two famous felines, plus a third one, died in a November 2017 fire that destroyed their home. One cat was the tallest living domestic cat at 19.05 inches, and another had the longest tail -- 17.58 inches.

William and Lauren Powers, both osteopathic doctors, allege in a lawsuit filed Tuesday in federal court in Detroit that a faulty massage chair was to blame for the fire. They seek more than $1 million from the chair manufacturer, American Crocodile International Group.

The case alleges they lost: 

"Their home, hundreds of thousands of dollars in cryptocurrency, and two record-holding animals, among other things. Furthermore, among other injuries, plaintiffs suffered and continue to suffer acute emotional distress, and lost nearly a year of income as they recovered from the trauma."

"The cats were like children to plaintiffs," the filing states. "Their loss was and is a source of immense grief." 

The suit also alleges that the couple lost wages because they were unable to work for months due to the trauma, and for nearly a year, they "experienced a loss of companionship, cooperation, and affection as a result of the fire."

The California chair company did not immediately respond to a comment request from Deadline Detroit.

We first saw this story in The Detroit News.

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