Detroit police fatally shoot dog during arrest caught on video

July 26, 2019, 3:06 PM

Warning: Disturbing video below. 

Detroit police are being investigated for a Tuesday night incident in which officers fatally shot a suspect's dog in a crowded neighborhood. Officers were responding to a west-side burglary report.

From there, Fox 2 Detroit reports:

A witness video shows a man banging on an acquaintance's door. Someone else inside called 911. While on the way, police learned the man had a warrant for his arrest.

"The officers, when they got on scene, they informed him that he was going to be placed in custody for his two felony warrants," said Cmdr. Arnold Williams. "He proceeded to walk away from officers. The officers did attempt to deploy Tasers twice and it appears one may have taken effect."

A spokesman told Fox The officers had done "everything in their power to avoid shooting the dog," a spokesman told the station, which added: "He says they spent 20 minutes pleading with the man to secure it."

But the man let go of its leash and the pet barked aggressively at officers. Police fired, the dog ran across the street and died in a nearby yard. 

Read more:  Fox 2 Detroit

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