Freep's Top Story: CNN Commentator Swears on TV in Detroit. Should We Give a Sh**?

July 29, 2019, 7:24 AM by  Allan Lengel

Should we be shocked these days if someone swears word on TV? The Detroit Free Press thinks it's newsworthy. 

Sure, Mondays can be slow news days, but the top story this morning on the Freep's site is headlined: "CNN commentator swears on live TV in Detroit."

Bakari Sellers says, profanely, what he thinks of the president "picking on people."
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The paper reports that Bakari Sellers, a former South Carolina state legislator and CNN political commentator, "accidentally used a curse word on live TV Sunday evening" during an interview in front of Comerica Park. CNN hosts two nights of Democratic presidential debates this week. 

Here's the quote (please hide this from your children):

"I just think that you have to be willing to go in there and slug it out with Donald Trump because . . . he is picking on people. He is not only using the systems that he has in the White House to oppress people but he is doing it and dividing us every single day with the words that come out of his mouth," he said.

"You gotta go out there and say he is full of shit," he then added.

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