Bernie Sanders Heads to Windsor for Cheaper Insulin

July 29, 2019, 8:01 AM

Bernie Sanders in Windsor (Photo: From Windsor Star video)

Sen. Bernie Sanders thinks the cost of some medicines in the U.S. is obscene.

To prove his point, Sanders, who was in Detroit on Sunday, crossed into Windsor with a bus of Type 1 diabetics to buy insulin at a fraction of the cost, Lindsay Charlton of The Windsor Star reports. 

Sanders called the price disparity for meds between the U.S. and Canada “an embarrassment. ” He noted that one vial of insulin costs about 350 to $400 (U.S. dollars), while in Canada the same vial costs  around $36. 

“We love our Canadian neighbors and we thank them so much,” Sanders told a crowd gathered outside The Olde Walkerville Pharmacy on Wyandotte Street, the paper reports. “But we should not have to come to Canada to get the medicine we need for our kids to stay alive.”

“There are millions of people who are doing exactly what we are doing here today,” Sanders said. “They’re either going to the internet, they’re going to Canada, they’re going to Mexico, they’re going to Europe to buy exactly the same medicine at a fraction of the price we’re forced to pay."

Read more:  The Windsor Star

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