Video: Detroit Homicide Detective Ira Todd Chats About His True-Crime TV Show and Interrogating Killers

August 11, 2019, 11:10 PM

Detroit Police homicide detective Ira Todd is no stranger to Hollywood. He's been a consultant for cop shows including ABC's "Detroit 1-8-7," AMC's "Low Winter Sun" and Eddie Murhpy's "Beverly Hills Cop."

He's also no stranger to investigations and interrogations, having been on the Detroit Police force for nearly 35 years. Among his colleagues, he's known for his deft skills as an interrogator. During some interrogations, killers have tried to scare him. But as Todd points out, he's not easily intimidated. 

In addition to being a detective, Todd is one of the stars of "Wrong Man," a docuseries on Starz, a  premium cable station. Each season, the show takes three cases around the country and tries to prove that a convicted person has been wrongfully convicted. 

The first season was shown in 2018. The show is currently taping second two, with no start date announced.   

Todd came by the Deadline TV studio in downtown Detroit the other day to chat with editor Allan Lengel about the show and some of the methods he uses while interrogating suspects. 

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