Mike Posner to finish 2,800-mile walk across U.S. despite rattlesnake bite

August 14, 2019, 2:02 PM

Southfield native and pop star Mike Posner says he plans to walk more than 1,000 more miles to complete a monthslong trek across the United States despite having been bit in the leg by a rattlesnake last week.

The snake bite, sustained more than halfway through the 2,800 mile journey on a trail in Colorado, landed Posner in the hospital for five days. In a 7-minute video posted to Instagram Wednesday afternoon, the pop star says he's currently relying on a walker, but plans to resume the journey as soon as he's cleared to walk on his own again.

"This ain't easy. I feel, like, a little depressed — sad that I can't do it," he says. "But that shit doesn't really matter. I know that mood's gonna pass, and I know in due time I'll be back on that road. And I'm scared to go back on that road because that's where I got bit, but it doesn't matter that I'm scared 'cause I'm gonna go do it anyway."

Posner says the bite could have cost him his leg or life had help not arrived when it did. The near-death experience appears to have left him feeling philosophical.

"I was talking a few days ago about the difference between a trail and a road," he says. "On a road if something's messed up, if there's a pothole or the paint is worn off ... we think something's wrong, and that's how most of us go through life. If something is a little off we think something's wrong.

"But on a trail, if there's a rock on the trail, a boulder, or a tree falls on the trail ... that just becomes part of the trail and it makes it that much sweeter when you get over that obstacle and you finish. So we gotta learn to look at life as a trail, not a road. Nothing's wrong."


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