QLine Riders Face Fare Hike, but Will Benefit If They Also Ride the Bus

August 19, 2019, 5:00 PM by  Allan Lengel


The fee to ride the QLine will jump from $1.50 to $2 come Oct. 1 when the streetcar joins the Detroit Department of Transportation and SMART in using DART, a regional payment system used by the two bus lines. Fares for disabled, seniors and students will drop from 75 to 50 cents.

The biggest upside will be for those who ride the bus.

Bus and QLine passengers will be able to interchangeably use the QLine and buses at no extra cost during the duration of their passes.  

Currently, QLine riders pay $1.50 for a three hour pass and $3 for a day. 

Under the new system, QLine riders will pay $2 for four hours. Seniors, students and disabled customers will pay 50 cents. A 24-hour pass will be $5 and $2 for the specially designated groups.  

"There's two reasons we're doing this," says QLine spokesman Dan Lajina. "One, since the beginning of this street car project, there was always the hope of taking steps to have a greater connectivity and make it easier for people to use multiple systems seamlessly.

"Secondly, we anticipate this will help drive up ridership on the QLine." 

After December, the QLine will no longer sell monthly and annual passes. However, weekly and monthly Dart passes for the bus system will be honored on the QLine. 

Until September 2020, the QLine will honor $1.50 and $3 tickets bought before this Oct. 1, but not activiated.

"Transit users want options and service that takes them where they need to go,” said M-1 RAIL CEO Matt Cullen in a statement.  “This partnership delivers value, connectivity and choices for all who work, live and play along the Woodward Corridor."

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