Grandness in the Afterlife: Ilitch Family Builds Mausoleum For Mike and Marian

August 21, 2019, 12:02 PM

Mike Ilitch

Well, we figure if you've got the (pizza) dough, why the heck not.

The Ilitch family is nearing completion of a towering mausoleum at Holy Sepulchre Cemetery on 10 Mile Road in Southfield that will be the final resting spot for pizza king Mike Ilitch, who passed away in 2017, and Marian Ilitch, who is still active in the business, reports Robert Snell of The Detroit News

The neo-Classical mausoleum carved out of white granite mined from a California quarry, features bronze doors and twin angels, The News reports, adding that the project is being  built by the same firm that constructed memorials and mausoleums for rock star Jimi Hendrix and Tennessee Titans owner Bud Adams.


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